The Applications for Metal Grating in Data Centers

Posted by Nucor Grating on Nov 1, 2018 9:02:00 AM

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The Data Center Industry Is Climbing

Data center construction is continuing to rise at rapid rates. Globally, it is projected the data construction market will gross $45 billion dollars between 2018 - 2023. Our everyday reliance on electronics is to thank for the massive growth of data centers.


Growth in data center construction means embracing big data, cloud services, and the need to remain current in the ever-changing data market industry. Right now, the mega-giants of data centers are Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Their expansions wildly influence the global industry.


But there’s a problem: data centers aren’t running efficiently– and it’s costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Air Circulation Is a Constant Problem

Lacking a reliable cooling protocol, data centers waste an incredible amount of money trying to cool off their data centers. Inefficient data center cooling systems are the main culprit of poor data center airflow.


In fact, inadequate air circulation containment protocols easily double the cost of purchasing and operating data center hardware systems. Most companies rely on HVAC systems to cool their facilities at the cost of eroding profits.


Transferring heat from data rooms is the #1 priority in cooling down data centers. Remediating air circulation problems equals less spending and improves efficiency, plus it is better for the environment. The best method of containing hot and cold air is establishing containment aisles.


The concept is simple. Hot and cold aisle cabinets are set up so the front of one cabinet never faces the back of the next. This ensures cold and hot air are not in competition but are vented to the correct channels. The problem is, not every data center is operating like this.

What Type of Bar Grating Can Fix Air Circulation Problems?

Here at Nucor Grating, we specialize in custom fabrication. We’re a full grating solution supplier dedicated to improving your workplace environment. Welded grating is the best-suited bar grating to create proper air circulation. This type of bar grating is our top-choice for longevity and cost efficiency. It specifically offers durability and superior strength when compared to other alternatives.


We have found that a number of projects use 1 3/4” x 3/16” bearing bar in the standard 19w4 carbon steel. However, the size of the grating varies pending the loading requirements and open area specified by the engineers, architects and/or owner of the project. Our data center grating solutions are available in painted (black, silver, or dark grey), galvanized, and mill finish. Custom galvanized grating provides anti-oxidation properties and improves the life-cycle of grating.


We’ll work directly with your architects, engineers, and team to ensure your building design and physical security requirements align with your custom fabrication solution. We offer stock panels or custom fabricated panels to suite your needs. These elements are necessary for closing off empty rack slots, which prevent hot air from impacting cold air flow.

Why Use Bar Grating?

Air Flow

Bar grating offers improved air flow and helps in temperature regulation. To fix air flow problems, our 3/16” thick bearing bar in standard 19w4 carbon steel offers 79% open area circulation. Additionally, our bar grating easily adapts to any necessary paneling or curtaining solutions to help improve overall circulation.

Load Strength

Forge-welded grating is the most popular style of grating because of its strength, cost-efficiency, and ease of installation. Load capacities for bar grating can be found in our catalog.

Environmental Footprint

Here at Nucor Grating we’re dedicated to providing the best solutions at minimal cost to the environment. Steel grating is an eco-friendly problem solver. In fact, Nucor, our parent company, is the largest recycler in North America.


We take our dedication to the environment seriously. Our efforts include multiple LEED certified projects. If interested, we’ll guide your company through the entire LEED certification process.


Our bar grating is sourced and manufactured right here in the United States and Canada. So, our products don’t have to travel overseas to get here. Our dedication to environmental friendly regulations is stronger in North America than internationally outsourced materials and further reduces our eco-footprint.


We can reduce yours too.


Bar Grating from Nucor Grating

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