Portfolio Piece: Pedestrian Bridge Project in the Pacific Coast Mountain Range

Posted by Nucor Grating on Jan 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM

CloudRaker Skybridge and Ravens Eye Cliff Walk


Located on top of Whistler Mountain, an hour north of Vancouver, British Columbia, are Whistler’s newest attractions - the CloudRaker Skybridge and the Raven’s Eye Cliff Walk.



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The Bridge sits 7,200 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest elevation suspension bridges in the world. The Bridge has a clear span of 420 feet and sits on four two-inch cables. During the assembly, each section slid across the cables completing the massive span.


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Once you get across the bridge, you arrive at the Raven’s Eye Cliff Walk, a cantilevered walkway that extends 40 feet from the Ridge with exhilarating 360-degree views above Whistler Bowl. These views include Blackcomb Mountain and the Spearhead Range in the background.


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Nucor Grating is very proud to be a part of this adventurous project. The Bridge sags and sways to increase the adrenaline of those making the trek across, and our Serrated Bar Grating was the perfect product to give thrill seekers views of Whistler below.




About the Project

There were a variety of potential materials in play for use in this project, but Bar Grating was chosen in part because of its unique combination of exceptional strength and easy installation. These two factors were especially important for the bridge, as it was originally to be open during the winter and would have been required to bear the weight of the high amount of snow that falls in the area.

The installation of the Bar Grating on the bridge was smooth, in part because of the modular design of the bridge itself. This module engineering allows for individual sections to be installed and removed as needed without compromising the integrity of the entire bridge. The Bar Grating was installed with “D” clips and self-tapping screws, further assisting the speed and efficiency of the build.

Nucor Grating’s ability to design and manufacture custom pieces for the project worked flawlessly. For instance, the Cantilevered Lookout Platform required both curved and unusually-shaped pieces. Nucor assisted in creating design plans and then fabricated the custom pieces, which fit perfectly with the existing sections of the platform. Additionally, Nucor delivered all items on time and within the agreed-upon budget, with no hidden or surprise expenses. In part thanks to these efforts, Whistler Blackcomb was able to achieve their desired opening date.


About Bar Grating

Tru-Weld bar grating is forge-welded, a system in which Nucor Grating was a pioneer. In this process, the bearing bars and cross rods are permanently forged together by heat and pressure into a single unit construction, resulting in greater strength per pound than mechanical assembly methods. The twisted cross rods provide a non-slip walking surface. For applications where extremely slippery conditions prevail, serrated bar grating offers a superior grip surface to the load bearing bars.

Bar grating types are specified by bearing bar spacing followed by cross rod spacing. In imperial measurements, bearing bar spacing is described in sixteenths of an inch. Therefore, Type 19 or 19 Space has bearing bar centers at 19/16 of an inch (or 1 3/16”). 15 Space (Type 15) has bearing bar centers at 15/16”. 11 Space (Type 11) is at 11/16” etc. The second number after the dash in the Type designation refers to the cross rod spacing. Cross rods are available in either 4” (standard) or 2” (special) spacings.


Customized Fabrication

On this project, in addition to standard bar grating specs, Nucor Grating fabricated customized pieces to fit the specific measurements and needs of the bridge. This is another example of Nucor’s ability as a full grating solution supplier.

Our Sales, Engineering, Project Coordination, Drafting, and Fabrication departments can take your requirements from structural drawings and models to detailed grating drawings and on to completely fabricated ready-to-install grating. Armed with the latest technology in computer aided design and 3D software applications, Nucor Grating is dedicated to continuous improvement and maximizing efficiencies in the detailing process.

Many of today's projects demand just–in–time delivery. Our experienced project managers can effectively coordinate your multi-release schedules to ensure your job site receives the grating they need, when they need it. Grating panels are piece marked and clearly identified on our supplied grating drawings for accurate field installation. As we are both a manufacturer and fabricator of grating, we can offer our customers a complete “One Source Grating Solution” responsible for all their grating needs.


About Us

Nucor Grating is a significant supplier of grating products in North America. Our grating products are routinely used in the architectural world; the industrial world including: mining, petroleum, petrochemical, pulp & paper, water treatment, chemical, and power generation; the transportation industry including: rail road, airport and transport truck; commercial industry including: security, retail and public pools and also in the military world.

Nucor Grating manufacturers a wide variety of shapes and sizes with various finishes which makes our grating products suitable for all kinds of applications. Stock products can be supplied quickly from strategically located sales and warehouse facilities, or custom jobs can be manufactured to very particular requirements by our personnel in either Imperial or Metric measurements.