Nucor Grating Announces Environmental Team

Posted by Nucor Grating on Mar 19, 2019 9:03:00 AM



Environmental Construction

There has been a steady and significant growth within the last few decades of Environmental Construction Projects. In fact, this market constitutes approximately $120 billion of construction projects for 2019 to 2021. The market is comprised of numerous projects types such as:


  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Pollution Control Plants
  • Locks & Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Flood Mitigation
  • Pump Stations
  • Fish Screens & Ladders
  • Desalination Plants
  • Water Supply Upgrades
  • Sewer Projects


Population growth and location shifts, as well as an aging infrastructure in this sector, make this area ripe for new construction or rehabilitations. Adding in advancements in new technology to keep up with our need for clean water and ways to bring that water to vast areas of North America.


This is where Nucor Grating comes in. These projects, and many more, have a need for bar grating of various types. Nucor Grating can provide these products – and not only the standard bar grating products, but custom-fabricated products to fit any environmental project you may have. We have the experience and ability to handle each environmental project from beginning to end; from pre-bid to final delivery and installation of your custom manufactured bar grating.


Environmental Project Team & Grating Types

To be successful on this sector of business we needed to revamp the way we looked at the market, both in what products we offered and how we went about providing those products and services. In order to create successful, long-lasting relationships with our clients, both areas of the project needed to be at the highest quality possible.  We needed to do some research and soul searching on how we could do this better. In doing so, two things became apparent very quickly.


First, we found environmental projects tend to be spread out over many acres, constitute several buildings, and be subjected to many different environments within the same project. These variety of characteristics may require many different types of grating on that one project.  Nucor Grating has expanded its catalog of grating products to meet these requirements, and to increase the ease in which we can provide options for a single project. We are now manufacturing light duty steel, heavy duty steel, stainless steel, and an assortment of aluminum products that give us a comprehensive catalog conducive to meeting the needs of our clients.  In addition to base products, we have expanded our finishing and fabrication capabilities. For instance, we can manufacture welded, swage-locked rectangular and I-bar, press-locked, and unpunched plank grating, in addition to offering finishes such as anodizing, sand/passivation, paint and galvanizing to combat the elements.


Secondly, we recognized the importance of this market and its potential for the business. As such, we have taken a proactive approach and formed a specialized project team dedicated to bidding and managing these projects within our company on a national level.  


We now have dedicated estimators, sales teams, project managers, and detailers to ensure the project is handled consistently. Customers will have one point of contact at each phase and can also consistently contact the same teammates on these projects over and over.


Having solidified that starting point (and who is responsible for what) we can assure our customers that we are able to serve them throughout the construction phase to a successful completion. We can also assist in the specification process PRE-BID.  Whether it’s needing to know what grating meets certain loading and spacing requirements, or what type of grating works best in the environment required, we can help value engineer your project.


Bar Grating Uses Within The Projects

Bar grating has many uses: industrial flooring, catwalks, ramps, walkways, stairs and landings, and a lot more. It can be used over filters that require a limited light penetration to prevent algae growth or to cover clarifier walkways that stretch. Bar grating is used in H2O trenches surrounding these facilities to allow truck traffic in and out. Grating is also used in manufacturing trash screens to keep debris from entering our water sources at various points. The possible applications are almost endless.


Bar grating has exceptional strength and durability, and because we manufacture it ourselves, we can make it exactly according to your drawings and specifications using aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.  Here are a few examples of a situations where bar grating is the ideal product of choice:


Water/Wastewater/Desalination Plants

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant so it’s often used in wastewater projects like treatment plants. Whether it’s a platform with safety rails around the outer edge on ground level or around the top of a building, bar grating is the ideal product for this type of work since water won’t pool on the grating surface and a slip-resistant coating provides added safety for your workers.


Marine Projects

Marine projects are often located at shipping ports, docks, and marinas. Whether you need a ship walkway, a marina ramp, or any one of a variety of jobs, a marine environmental project is best served using aluminum or stainless-steel bar grating. These two materials can hold weight and are corrosion-resistant to fresh and salt water. Slip-resistant coatings are also available and highly recommended.


Dams and Fish Hatcheries

Dams and fish hatcheries require more open area when it comes to the bar grating. It must be able to let light, water, and air flow through with ease. Steel grating is optimal for these types of projects.  Nucor Grating has different finishes from which to choose and a variety of slip-resistant coatings ideal for these specifications.


Any Environmental Project

When your company has an environmental project, give Nucor Grating a call. Our project team is focused strongly on this area and is ready to help you throughout the process – from design to delivery and everything in between. We can help you with customized materials that fit your product specifications and we will do an excellent job regardless of project size.


Nucor has an excellent reputation in the steel industry and we appreciate our teammates as much as we appreciate our customers. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you on your next environmental project!

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